ArtEX works closely with Art Class Italy to bring professional Art Classes to Todi, Umbria. Art Class Italy is owned and operated by your “hosts” and its Directors Stephen Nall and Christine Lantas.  Stephen and Christine  have between them 30 years experience in art and design businesses, curating art exhibitions and art consulting. They are both motivated by a deep respect for artists and the effort they make in pursuing their careers,  a love of Italy, its people and its culture and lifestyle.


Don Perlis

22 May – 26 May 2023

American Don Perlis is a well known painter and a teacher with more than 35 years of experience. Don’s class is open to beginners as well as advanced students. It is a class teaching the fundamentals of figurative painting. There will be a model available and posed in a setting. Students will have a deeper understanding of the process by the end of class.

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Roberto (Steve) Gobesso

29 May – 2 June 2023

Roberto (Steve) Gobesso is a local Italian Calligraphy Artist, graphic designer and photographer. Steve’s experience in this discipline is distinguished with participation in group exhibitions in Italy Switzerland and South Korea.

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Claude Ciccone

5 June – 9 June 2023

Claude has been painting with much study, love and patience for over 30 years. Settling somewhere between impressionism and realism, his work is a dedication to his sensory perception and his overall visual and textural experience.

His attitude to oil-painting is a no-frills approach. Basically, he paints what inspires him with love and devotion and invites others to do the same.

This class gives you great freedom catering from beginners through to advanced students alike. You can begin with smaller sketches or jump straight in to larger compositions if you wish.

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Robert Klein-Boonschate

12 June – 16  June 2023

Robert’s realist painting style is born of a love of old Dutch masters. Having spent most of his adult life in remote Australian landscapes, he has developed a mastery of landscapes. Robert is also a skilled portrait painter.

Robert also has an encyclopedic knowledge of technique and skills in Portraiture.
Robert is a nurturing teacher with patience and a sense of fun that make his classes easy work of both these genres and a joy for students of all levels. Students may choose to concentrate on one of these genres, rather than learn about both.

His work is already well-known in Italy following a very successful exhibition in Todi in Autumn 2021.

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Andrew Antoniou

4 September – 8 September 2023

Andrew explores working directly from the imagination. This class is designed to allow you to experiment and lose your inhibitions about “correct“ image making and focus on the mind’s ability to find images that are personal and unique.

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Charlotte Thodey

11 Sepember – 15 September 2023

Charlotte’s classes are open to all participants wishing to learn from an established figure in the Australian Arts. Charlotte loves getting together with a class of people who are obsessed as she is about painting and beautiful seasonal produce.

In this class she will also look at the basics arranging the objects on the canvas and the setting out of the painting according to tonal values. From there she will proceed to the careful building up of colour to capture the light that reveals the fleshy essence of the fruit or vegetable.

Charlotte will demonstrate her processes and techniques and her approach will assist each participant to understand the intricacies of this time honoured genre.

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